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16 - 20 AugustOnline

Ticket release on May 26th at 3PM!

Are you curious about Deep Learning but don't know where to start? Do you like meeting new people and learning new things? Then you've come to the right place!

Pink Programming presents an online Intro to Deep Learning course. Teacher-led lessons will be combined with hands-on programming tasks—all to give you the best possible programming start.

Pink Programming’s summer coding camps are dearly loved among their participants and new friendships have been forged every summer for the past six years. We don’t want to pass on this despite this year’s theme of social distancing. We will offer online summer courses that are unlike anything you’ve seen before! 

During the camp, we will mix things up with fun social activities like cook-alongs, yoga, and games. You will also meet female developers, who will tell you about their journeys and be available to answer all of your questions.

About the camp

Fundamentals of Deep Learning
is an intermediate level camp focusing on the basics of neural networks, which are a popular and powerful way of solving complex machine learning problems. Workshops will deal with the basics of neural networks, such as their workings and architecture, combined with introductory hands-on projects in image recognition and text processing using the popular Python library Keras. 

Our goal is to inspire and give you a good foundation to continue learning more about the field. The camp is perfect for you who have recently started your journey in Machine Learning and want to take your first step into the world of Deep Learning. We especially welcome people with different backgrounds as we believe that we can all learn from each other one step at a time. 

When we are not coding, there will be the opportunity to do various online activities like yoga, joining in with a cook-along and listening to inspirational talks from the teachers and mentors. Despite being online, the camp will be a social occasion to learn together with others and get a network within the Machine Learning field.

For each day of the camp, we will be programming approximately between 9 am and 5 pm. Both before and after there will be other social or recreational activities to do.

Come join us to learn about both the mysteries and practicalities of Deep Learning! 


  • Basic Programming knowledge (preferably Python) including:
    • Variables and data types
    • Lists, tuples, dictionaries and for loops
    • Conditional statements
    • Functions
  • Good to know (if you do not meet the requirements, don't worry. Then we suggest you prepare by going through the tutorial links below before the camp)
    • Pandas/Numpy or similar libraries in e.g. R (can you complete the exercises 1-5?)
    • Matplotlib/Seaborn or similar libraries in e.g. R (can you draw a line chart? E.g. exercise 2)
  • A little bit of familiarity with common Machine Learning problems and terminology: 
    • Preparing your data (identifying missing values, split into train and test set)
    • The difference between regression and classification
    • What it means for an algorithm to be supervised or unsupervised
    • Some evaluation metrics (accuracy, precision, recall, MSE)
    • Some basic knowledge of math/statistics (mean, standard, deviation)

There is no need to know very many algorithms or advanced evaluation methods! If you do, be aware that the course also welcomes participants who don't yet have that knowledge :) 

Definitely not needed

  • Masters in Machine Learning
  • Professional Data Scientist
  • Math genius
  • Any previous knowledge of Deep Learning

Expected learning outcomes

  • Introduction to the basic concepts (e.g. hidden layers, activation functions, forward-and backward propagation) in deep learning
  • Introduction to popular tools and libraries such as Google Colab and Keras
  • Hands-on experience with text processing using recurrent neural networks (RNN)

  • Hands-on experience with image recognition using convolutional neural networks (CNN)

  • Real world application of deep learning
  • Ethics and responsible AI

    All you need to know

    Where and When

    • Online,  August 16th - August 20th

    Who is this camp for? 

    • We recommend this camp for those who are curious about deep learning
    • We welcome all women-identified, whether they are girls, aunts, ladies, cis or trans. Our camps are also open to those who do not identify themselves as women but, because of gender identity, do not feel represented among programmers.
    • Your computer must have audio and video capabilities, and you also need access to a reliable Internet connection. 

      What is the price?

      • Corporate Price: 5999 SEK (For companies that want to send their employees)
      • Regular Price: 2999 SEK 
      • Student or unemployed Price: 2499 SEK 

        Which language will the class be in?

        Lectures will be held in English. We will be able to provide explanations and help in Swedish.

        Cancellation policy
        Tickets are non-refundable.
        However, in the event of Pink Programming having to cancel the camp the tickets will be refunded. 

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        Your friends at the camp

        Camp Teacher

        Sara Thiringer is a Data Scientist working at ICA Sverige. With an interdisciplinary background in political science, informatics and statistics, she is passionate about building fair and transparent machine learning models and include more people in the tech community. In her spare time she likes various outdoor activities, trying out new recipes and spending time with friends and family.

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        Camp Teacher

        Elisa Bin is a research engineer at KTH in the Integrated Transport Research Lab. Her research focuses on the impact of new technologies on transports and human mobility, such as autonomous and connected vehicles. She studied robotics and machine learning at KTH. During her studies, she has been leading a KTH Assistive Technology project (a non-profit student organization). She used machine learning paired with physiological data to predict stress level in people with post-traumatic stress disorder and brain damage.

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        Camp Teacher

        Magda is one of the software engineers working at the MLOPS company Valohai, where she has been working with features such as spot instance computation and bayesian hyperparameter optimization. Most of her free time she spends gardening and taking care of her pets, including a small flock of chickens.

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        Camp Teacher

        Myky has been a part of Pink Programming since 2015 and has arranged multiple programming camps and workshops for women. Her dream of changing the tech industry has made her dedicated to encourage more women to code. 

        During the camp she will teach, help and support you as much as you need to reach your goal of building your deep learning projects. She is currently working as a machine learning engineer at H&M and is so looking forward to sharing this experience with you.

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        Camp Leader

        Holly is a slightly crazy person who works as a Frontend Engineer at Fishbrain. Originally from the UK she moved to Sweden by accident after a really great party, worked at Spotify for a few years as an AV engineer (filming and recording things) before foraying bravely into the world of programming. She currently lives in Stockholm with her partner and a three legged cat.

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        Organized by

        Pink Programming

        We are a non profit organization aiming to encourage and inspire women to code. We welcome all women-identified, whether they are girls, aunts, ladies, cis or trans. Our events are of course also open to those who do not identify themselves as women but because of gender identity does not feel represented among programmers.